Now that you know where Martsman is coming from with his Five Tracks selection, you're more than ready to dissect him behind the decks. When DAD's not covering the freshest and latest in dance music, we're fond of freaking out to future beats. You have to give it to the leftfield thinkers in music. You'd be surprised at how grounded in the essence of dance music a lot of these producers can be; it's not until you're lost in the mix where you truly see the genius of their ways. With this mesmerizing mix, Martsman transported us to a future realm where alien-type creatures of all kinds dwell, cooking up creative takes on the sounds that got us into this thing. He spends a lot of time in the 130BPM zone before taking things up a notch, going into more break-y areas. Could this be one of the best DAD mixes so far? Quite possibly. You tell us.

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CUB - CU 1 - CUB
Martsman - NYCD - Pushing Red
Kamikaze Space Programme - Green House - Deca Rhythm
Tachini - Ongeloof - Pareto Park
1/2 of Rodney - Outside Closed Minds - Pareto Park
Randomer - Need You - RNDMR
Martsman - Shrank - Pushing Red
Kamikaze Space Programme - Cascade - Deca Rhythm
F - Full Throttle - 7even
Martsman - Flinch - Black Plastics
Sileni - ? - Unreleased
Kaotic Kemistry - Drum Trip II - Moving Shadow
Ghislain Poirier - Diaspora - Ninja Tune
Autechre - Yulquen - Warp