Producer: Swizz Beatz
Album: We Are The Streets
Label: Ruff Ryders, Interscope

Cipha Sounds: "This record was tailor-made for the Tunnel. After the Bad Boy era and the Ruff Ryders album, that's when the Lox was the most anticipated for their next album. When they did the album release party for We Are The Streets at the Tunnel, they performed a couple of songs, then they started to do 'Wild Out' and the club went crazy.

"It was so many people wildin' out—like 2,500 people in the club—that this dude in a wheelchair was getting shook around a lot. And he was getting nervous, so he went to pull out his gun, and shot himself in the leg. We heard gunshots, like pop-pop-pop, even though the music was so loud. Once we heard the gunshots, everybody started running. And that shut down the Tunnel for a couple of months."