Chief Keef was charged with excessive speeding in Northfield, Illinois yesterday, one week after receiving a marijuana charge in Georgia. A nation wagged its collective finger. 

CBS reported that he was clocked at 110 miles per hour in a zone that was 55 miles per hour, literally half of that speed. Not quite doing 55 in a 54.

He was on the northbound Edens Expressway, no doubt headed to the Ravinia Music Festival to take in a Chicago Symphony performance on the lawn. Actually, it was 3:44 a.m. He was also cited with having an unlawful number of passengers (three) for a "graduated driver." He was given a bond of $2,000, and will have to report to court July 8.

Not for nothing, but this writer has long believed that the driving age should be 25. In fact, public transit is the future and automobiles are destroying our country one pollutant-spewing speeder at a time. 

[via CBS]

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