Producer: Bangladesh
Album: Tha Carter III
Label: YMCMB

Lil Wayne comes full force on "A Milli;" its first few introductory piano chords paired with a quick decrescendo becomes the perfect segue into one of Wayne's best verses of his entire career. You know where you were when you heard it, and you know the first two lines, "A millionaire/I'm a Young Money millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair," whether you wanted to or not. Lil Wayne's wordplay is on full display over the heavy bass and repetitive looped vocals. It's everything we want in a Wayne verse: a menstruation reference, arrogance, and imagery of himself surrounded by women, nice cars, and taunting any goon who gets in his way.

Wayne's too busy to write out his rhymes but he won't forget to remind you how his career keeps coming back like a menstrual bleed. He sounds practically possessed throughout the entire track; each line was weirder than the last, with a disregard for any and all logic: "Got the Maserati dancing on the bridge, pussy popping/Tell the coppers hahahaha you can't catch em, you can't stop em." Because that's what we want from Wayne, and it's what he gave on "A Milli." —Lauren Nostro