Producer: L-Don Beatz
Album: N/A
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Warner Bros. Asylum

No one saw this verse coming. More than a decade removed from the glory of the No Way Out-era, Diddy had essentially lost all respect on the microphone. Which was actually kind of unfair. So what if he wrote checks instead of rhymes? Diddy still cared about the craft of rapping and got rapper's rappers like Royce Da 5'9" to write for him. We're not sure who wrote Diddy's verse on here, but we're gonna go ahead and assume it was Rick Ross, since the Bawse's verse sounds in tune with, and immediately follows, Diddy's verse.

Ross might write braggadocious and borderline delusional lines for himself, but his words made sense coming from Diddy. After all, Diddy has the bravado and resume to back it up. He didn't just talk about smashing J. Lo, we all know damn well he did that shit. He doesn't just get paid to plug Ciroc, he probably gets paid every time your favorite rapper plugs Ciroc. This verse debuted a brand new swag for Diddy, the eccentric millionaire who was rich as fuck and didn't give a fuck. We guess this is what it feels like to be richer than them white folks. —Insanul Ahmed