Or like Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo’s Crydamoure. Crydamoure had a flurry of dance records in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the best of which were compiled on two excellent compilations called Waves and Waves II.

These records are secret stashes for Daft Punk fans looking for more in the vein of late-’90s filter-house, as well as plenty of tracks that deviate from this sound. Guy-Man pushed records by Chicagoans like Paul Johnson, as well as Guy-Man psuedonyms like Le Knight Club.

A few highlights: “The Wrath of Zeus,” released by The Eternals, is a hilarious track in which a French-accented Zeus arrives on disco string lightning bolts to declare that all dancers will be confined to a “never-ending dance on this floor,” laughs maniacally, and then kicks into a compulsive dance groove that samples disco group Lipps, Inc.

Another track, “Wet Indiez” by Deelat, features an oddball bouncing house beat, with a strange man yelling bizarre dance instructions on top (“ohhh! Shaaaake it! You. Get. Wet. Now!”). Or Archigram’s “Doggystyle,” which, instead of filtering disco music, filtered The Stooges’ BDSM rock anthem, “Now I Wanna Be Your Dog.”