Lupe Fiasco was right, Lil B is a genius...we’re just not sure what he’s a genius of. It’s certainly not music itself, he often makes songs with blatant disregard for songwriting, structure, or anything resembling competence. Half of his bars don't even rhyme and we can’t discern a reason. He compares his looks to people who look nothing like him. He puts out 676-song mixtapes just so we can make jokes about his 676-song mixtape. All of this often feels like an inside joke—he could make real music but chooses not to. It’s like he’s actively trying to be wack.

Yet he's so funny. He's a world class troll. NYU invited him to speak at their school and of course it was amazing. He asked, “How lucky we are to have this structure. Who built this? Tell me who built this building, please.” TIME declared he had one of 2013’s best Twitter feeds (he does). And he’s got a diehard fanbase that not only offers to let them fuck their bitch, they occasionally pop up on Fox News or MSNBC to rep for him.

Ultimately, anyone can get behind his message, usually summed up as loving and accepting everything and everyone (even though he’s gotten into beefs himself with the likes of Kevin Durant and Joey Bada$$). We haven’t forgiven him for copping out and adding the (I’m Happy) part to his album title and he's been fairly quiet as of late, but we’re sure that soon enough we'll happily be reading yet another ridiculous news story about him.