Album: Warriorz
Label: Loud, Relativity Records
Producer: DR Period

Here's how to tell if you will like a person you just met. Play the opening riff and if they say "Oh cool. I love John Cena, too," then choke them to death before they have a chance to procreate. "Ante Up" has been known to raise the dead back to life, but what would you expect from a group named Mash Out Posse?

Billy Danze and Lil' Fame's aggressive charisma seeps into your limbic system and shocks your amygdalas until you black out and wake up three days later with no memory of why you are in a cornfield. Use caution.

This Song Also Makes Us Want To: Steal All of Your Weird Aunt's Costume Jewelry and Crush the Glass Into Diamonds With Our Bare Hands, Design a Ring and Then Propose to Kate Upton With it