Album: Word of Mouf
Label: Disturbing tha Peace, Def Jam
Producer: KLC

Ludacris' appeal relies heavily on his delivery, which is inimitable and almost cartoon-ish in its trumped up boom. You react to it, and usually the reaction is to throw undiscerning elbows hither and thither. "Move Bitch" is a prime example. Mystikal's off-kilter existence, a rare appearance by I-20 (who sounds chopped and screwed but isn't) and the faint whistles on the outro made "Move Bitch" an anthem for road ragers everywhere. To this day, our initial reaction to unaware drivers is to yell "Move, bitch! Get out the way!" If you play this in your car, you'll be so amped that you may disregard all types of traffic laws just to get into a wreck on purpose to fight someone.

This Song Also Makes Us Want To: Dress up Like a Woman a la Juwanna Mann, Join a Roller Derby League, Throw Devastating Elbows With No Repercussions