Album: Living Legends
Label: Bad Boy South
Producer: Bangladesh

8Ball & MJG's grittiness meshes well with the driving, fuzzy synths of Bangladesh's instrumental. The laidback Southern pimps come to life to reinforce the fact that drama is something of which we want no part. As aggressive and misogynistic as the chorus is, screaming "Smack a ho, shoot the club" at the top of your lungs as you drive with the windows down is some of the most fun you can have. Our only complaint is that there isn't more Diddy. Make sure to check out the Chopped and Screwed Version of "You Don't Want Drama" if you want to feel like punching someone in the face, but in slow motion.

This Song Also Makes Us Want To: Whittle Our Own Wood Grain Steering Wheel Out of a 300-Year-Old Tree Using Nothing But a Plastic Spork, Then Proceed to Stunt on All the Haters