Well isn't this interesting? We launched DAD in January, and four months later Insomniac invited Do Androids Dance out to cover EDC New York. Though I've been to my fair share of festivals, I'm usually in the crowd. I spent time in the sound stage at Camp Bisco a couple of years ago and was on stage for the Philadelphia leg of last year's Mad Decent Block Party, but this hardly compares to being backstage, rubbing elbows with the big dogs at one of the biggest events on the East Coast.

EDC New York is the first of a few festivals I'm locked to visit this year, so I figured it made sense to make a working list of things that I should keep in mind when preparing for this event. I spent years as a DJ, and the checklist has saved my life countless times. I will be meeting with Jake, who also writes for DAD. Being able to have a heads up on things that I might not be close to, someone to bounce ideas off of, and a familiar face with similar life goals will be fantastic. But before I link with him, DJ friends, and other people that I know will be backstage, I need to put some serious thought into what I should expect for a two-day festival