Twitter: @Propain713

Pros: Disproportionately passionate.

Cons: Has not put a new album mixtape since late 2011, which is like a million Internet years (his new album is supposed to here this summer).

Essential Listening: Dangerous Minds

Propain exists solely to keep angst and anger company, probably. He is brooding and menacing and perpetually upset with EVERYTHING (fuck you, rap, fuck you, politics, fuck you, stationary equipment, [grumble, growl, grumble] is how his Twitter account plays). There are definitely other rappers that operate in that manner, but few are capable of writing it all out in a more accessible, more fluid way.

Example: In "The Note," which appeared on his most recent tape, 2011's imposing Dangerous Minds, we catch him in the moments before he kills himself, scribbling down an exclamation for why he plans to do so. He talks himself into a froth, the structure of the verses crumbling under the weight of duress. Eventually, sentences give way to grunts and yells and metastasized fury. It's heartbreaking and beautiful all at once. And he seems to be able to conjure that same animosity in nearly any setting.