Twitter: @Settle4Les

Pros: Is growing up under the tutelage of Slim Thug, who figured out how to achieve national recognition several years ago.

Cons: Can putting out A LOT of music be a con? If it is, do people call that "Lil B-ing"?

Essential Listening: Settle for Le$ Vol. 2

Settle 4 Le$ is maybe the most advanced of his Boss Hogg Outlaw brethren. He is the fluid combination of pot rap and new era thug rap, a likably earnest emcee concerned with little more than entertaining his two main vices (weed and women, but sometimes occasionally women and then weed). He has flashed bits of brilliance within the aggressive FUCK YOU sphere that Slim Thug populates, but more often he has proven his worth floating around in outer space alongside horns and trumpets.

He has released a constant stream of enjoyable mixtapes (he's basically perfected the steps required for him to make music, and he's at somewhere near 4000 verses for the year already), but his crowning work is Settle 4 Le$ Vol. 2, in which he stitched together all of the best parts of his being. Le$ is the warm sun on the face, that's what he is.