In what has now become a veritable grand tradition of rapper day-in-the-life type vlogs, Rocko just started his own, and get this, you weren't even aware of the fact that it was happening! The name "Rocko's Modern Life" was already taken, so he called it "Life of a Don."

Here's what appeared to be the day's to-do list for the creator of the world's most controversial pseudo-acronym in the game right now:

1. Arrive at JFK.

2. Go to Flight Club, buy shoes with Memphis Bleek.

3. Have Wiz Khalifa praise you and call you a "real boss."

4. Visit DJ Kay Slay and have him spin "U.O.E.N.O." in person.

5. Shake hands with a smoking DJ Khaled.

6. Locate an iced-out French Montana.

7. Jam with Wyclef Jean!

Our (thoroughly uninformed) prediction for the next episode includes meringue-based confectionery on a penthouse roof with Smoke DZA, linen shopping with Mac Miller, and para-sailing in the Dead Sea with Dr. Dre. Stay tuned.

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