Jahlil Beats is not the first producer to decide to take his talents from the board to the microphone. Chances are he will not be the last one. The allure of being considered a star, a designation that often alludes producers no matter how successful they become or how many hit singles they spawn, has enticed many producers, one of the more recent examples being Hit-Boy.

Today, Jahlil dropped a video for his latest track, "All I Do." The song features Jinsu and a show-stealing verse from Problem, who anchors the track on the back end with an incredibly charismatic closing verse. The song is about some fairly typical subject matter, stunting, with the hook saying everything one would apparently need to know about the trio.

Meanwhile, while Problem and part of Jinsu's portion of the video are filmed at a packed house party, Jahlil's verse devoted almost entirely to how much feminine attention he attracts gets filmed while he plays a game of pick-up basketball with his homies, no females in sight.

"All I Do" will be appearing on Jahlil's upcoming Legend Era 2 project, due out April 16.

[via NahRight]