T.I. hopped on Sway in The Morning during SXSW alongside Big KRIT and B.O.B. to share his thoughts on the MTV's Hottest MCs list. We know everyone had their own opinions on the importance of, and truth to, the rankings this year, but T.I. could care less, he told Sway.

"Whoever own the list, god damn it, salute to ya," he says. "I don't give a fuck about it, I care about my bank roll and that shit growing. That shit growing like I added water to it." 

T.I. says he expected artists like Kanye West and Drake to be on the Top 10 because they were out selling records while he was in prison. "For me to even be out here and out in the mix and performing at a stellar rate, you gotta judge me according to my circumstances," T.I. says.

Watch the whole interview above.

[via Sway in the Morning]

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