In case you haven't heard of Jimmy "the Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan, here's the skinny: He's a guy who ran for Mayor of New York in 2009 and his entire platform was built on the phrase, "The Rent Is Too Damn High." 

He's running for mayor again this year and to jumpstart his campaign he teamed up with Animal to make a rap song about the rent being too high and we must's pretty good (all things considered). With bars like, "The rent, is too damn high/My mustache and haircut is too damn fly," it's still somehow not the worst rap song you can hear today.

Hate on his flow all you like, but no one can deny his message because rent in New York really does cost an arm and a tit and some things we're ashamed to admit we did. 

The video also has him practicing kung-fu moves because nothing makes you look less like a crazy old kook than doing kung-fu in front of Yankee Stadium.

[via Gawker]