Fail Occurred: 6/26/2001
Having built their career on aggressively underground and elbows-out aggression, M.O.P. would be an odd fit for any pop collaboration. Crooning à la 98 Degrees? That's not what the Mash Out Posse does. Which is what made "Life Is Good," their collaboration with the Lyte Funky Ones on the Dr. Doolittle 2 soundtrack, so strange. If 98 Degrees was the bootleg Backstreet Boys, then LFO was truly the bottom of the boy-band barrel, the type of cornballs that Justin Timberlake probably clowned while getting his tips frosted. Over a track that would seemed like Sugar Ray-lite (as if that were possible), M.O.P. member Billy Danze yells, "It's hard to sleep at night with a guilty conscience." Wonder how he's sleeping now.