Fail Occurred: 6/17/2008

The times we live in: Ice-T, one of the oldest rappers alive, put out a mixtape skit and a YouTube video lecturing Soulja Boy, haranguing him for single-handedly destroying hip-hop. One, who taught Ice-T to use a computer? Two, who allowed him near it? For his part, Soulja Boy put up a hilarious reaction video in which he turned Ice-T's voice off after less than 30 seconds. "Man, fuck all that," he said, before launching into a George Bush-ian missive. "This nigga Ice-T old as fuck!" He and his two cronies mock him for being born in 1958 (ancient!), calling him "the forefather of [Soulja Boy's] nuts." Having been around for so long, Ice-T should know how times change, and just how old he sounds.