Album: Kollage

Born Antonia Reed in Philadelphia, Bahamadia got her start as a DJ but found her true calling as an MC. Her unique husky voice and monotone flow set her apart from every other rapper in the game, and her "mad explosive spontaneity," coupled with the fact that she eschewed the clichés of sex raps and dissing her sisters on the mic only enhanced her rep. After getting down with the Gang Starr Foundation, she released her debut album, Kollage, with production by DJ Premier and the late great Guru. The single "Uknohowwedu" (produced by Ski & DJ Redhanded) is her ode to Illadelph hip-hop, and the intoxicating way she says "need to rock, rock oooon" will ensure that it never stops playing as long as hip-hop shall live. —Rob Kenner