Album: Pink Friday

It didn't even have to be seeping out of car windows or pumping through your headphones for you to bounce to it; "Super Bass" followed you by way of sonic infection. It could have been the onomatopoeic, pop-cloaked chorus, or Nicki's bubbly rapping. Whatever the case, "Super Bass" sublet your brain for longer than even you knew you wanted. Musing on the type of man she truly desires ("He cold, he dope, he might sell coke/He always in the air, but he never flies coach"), "Super Bass" was Minaj's freshest foray into unabashed pop. While criticized, the song's pop bent was a risk that was ultimately rewarded as the track reached quadruple platinum status, peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard charts. And who could forget the myriad covers—by Taylor Swift, various Disney stars, and tutu-sporting toddlers alike? "Super Bass" shot to the pinnacle of popularity, with Minaj displaying substantial crossover savvy and raw rap skills. How super is that?  —Alysa Lechner.