Album: Dirty Harriet

Rah Digga's got the attitude, the look, and the spitfire MC style whose old-school influences are weaved throughout her standout track, "Imperial." With a sample from Musical Youth's "Pass The Dutchie," it's a track that shows just how easily the Flipmode Squad rapper can overpower a track with her own vocals. "Imperial" shows Rah Digga's greatest strengths all in one package with lines like "Watch as the hood rat messiah climb swiftly/Label scared to death to let their artist bomb with me/Cause you can send your thugest MC and watch me son 'em/The ruggedest bitch, don't even rhyme about gunnin'."

Where other female emcees openly call themselves the baddest bitch a la Trina, Rah Digga's the one and only ruggedest. With Busta's feature, "Imperial" was the Flipmode anthem to introduce Rah Digga, who, in the video, is dressed in outrageous furs and hats. And it was the back and forth rhyming with Busta that ended the insane cut off of her debut album, Dirty Harriet. Lauren Nostro