Album: Hurby's Machine

Sampling the Honey Drippers' "Impeach The President," this track off the compilation album Hurby's Machine introduced the Queens-born rapper Antoinette to the world. Her voice was as mean as her attitude, and her words were aimed directly at Brooklyn's own MC Lyte. Produced by Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor—the man credited with discovering Salt N Pepa—Antoinette's debut single followed the template of other female rap debuts in that it was a battle record, in this case, a battle she would lose, since Lyte's answer, "10% Dis" was the knockout blow. (Antoinette's response to Lyte, "Lights Out, Party Over" never made a scratch.) Antoinette would go on to release two albums of her own, but "The Gangstress of Rap" never sounded harder than on this record. "Antoinette's the Boss, get it straight and remember that/I dis and don't miss, cause I ain't a friend of that/Scallywag, that Tom, Dick & Harry-hag/Don't get upset, homegirl, just get mad." -Rob Kenner