Album: Hush Hush Tip / Root Beer Float 12"

With a hook from Method Man and lo-fi early '90s NYC-style production from 4th Disciple, this song could have fallen into the hazy murk of Wu associates that bubbled up in the wake of Wu-Tang's arrival in the early 1990s. But it was saved by a standout performance from rapper N'Tyce. Released on Wild Pitch Records—the same now-defunct label behind hip-hop classics by Main Source and the UMCs—"Hush Hush Tip" was a glorification of illicit relationships. It was a song about knowing that what you're doing is wrong, and doing it anyway. N'Tyce's confident, chirpy delivery was assertive and open, which made the thrill of her romantic transgressions even more provocative. With a beat that seemed tuned in through a distorted transistor radio, the song was a celebration of the scandalous, executed with a particular femininity that felt somehow liberating. —David Drake