Album: Daddy's Little Girl

Before you can give any credit to Nikki D, you got to give it up to Suzanne Vega. Her song "Tom's Diner" (which was written at the same diner the Seinfeld gang frequented) is sampled on Nikki's record and serves as its hook, giving it that ominous feel of innocence lost. Nikki tells the tale of a little girl who's a princess but only in her daddy's eyes. The storytelling rap is filled with suspense as Nikki teases her wild ways on the first verse before going into detail in the second. She holds the tension when she suggests she might be pregnant before ending her verse. Nikki had enough potential to become the first female rapper to grace Def Jam's roster but sadly, "Daddy's Little Girl" became her one and only hit as her album of the same name failed to sell. —Insanul Ahmed