Album: Loso's Way
Producer: Jermaine Dupri, No I.D.
Label: Desert Storm, Def Jam

On Loso's Way Fabo linked with Ne-Yo for a song about sex that every lady can get with. First the gentleman croons about "You can leave your hair in a mess, don't even get dressed." Then comes a self-effacing rap that show's Fabo's vulnerable side (chicks dig that.) Plus he demonstrates that he remembers every detail about the last time he and his lady get together: "June 22nd, think I came in 20 seconds." (He has a good excuse, blaming it on the Cash Money record that was playing at the time, but the girl he's rapping to suspects it was because she was just that good.) Not to worry though—this time Fabo's bringing the green, some cream, and handcuffs. This time they're gonna take their time and do it right. Hey, maybe he'll even let her lock him up.