Sex and hip-hop have been running buddies since the days of Lovebug Starski rapping in the park. But ever since the scandal surrounding Rick Ross's date-rape rhymes on the record "U.O.E.N.O." rappers and rap fans alike are taking a long-overdue look at the way we talk about sex. The fact is that for every Salt-N-Pepa track kicking reality, there's a dozen "rape culture" records that make us feel sick.

Some rappers might want a little romance, but most just want some groupie love, a tongue up their ass and a blowjob to cap off the night. Forget about exchanging numbers or promises to be true, these bad boys don’t even want to know your name. Yet, as the forthcoming list proves, it’s not just the boys that like to get their freak on; quite a few girls can be nasty too.

We combed through the annals of hip-hop to put together a list that shows it's still okay to rap about sex. You can even get a little freaky with it, as long as everybody is a consenting adult. In rap music as in life, sex is an equal opportunity giver and receiver. And it ain't no fun if everybody doesn't get some.

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Written by Michael A. Gonzales (@gonzomike)