Best Songs: "The Man Right Chea," "Still Smokin," "Here We Go," "Unpredictable"

Mystikal was the original high-profile acquirement for No Limit Records. Sure, the Snoop signing was a bigger and more publicized play, but the “round out the tank” was the first big addition to the world’s No. 1 gangsta rap label. Mystikal’s Jive Records debut, Mind of Mystikal, made a little noise in the industry, but it wasn’t until after Mystikal joined the Tank that he become one of the hottest acts in hip-hop.

Rumors began to swirl that Mystikal was riding with Percy once he popped up on the I’m Bout It Soundtrack and started guesting on subsequent No Limit releases. But once the full-page Unpredictableads and album inserts (which featured Mystikal’s face as a puzzle) popped up we knew the partnership was official.

Mystikal’s tenure on the Tank only lasted for two albums, although his contributions loom much larger. There was a time when No Limit stans would buy entire NL albums for the lone Mystikal feature; others would fast-forward tracks to hear Mystikal’s part and Mystikal’s part only. His energy, unorthodox delivery and animated lyrics set him apart from the other soldiers in the trenches, and Unpredictable was his coming out party. It was arguably the most anticipated amongst all of the COMING SOON teasers P would litter in his other releases.

Mystikal handled most of Unpredictable for dolo, but the features were sequenced perfectly. P’s fingerprints were all over the album, but he didn’t dilute the project with his overbearing presence. Silkk, who was red hot at the time, guested on the first single (“Ain’t No Limit”); and strategic features like “Here We Go” with E-40 and B-Legit perfectly timestamp the era. With Unpredictable, Mystikal proved he could deliver more than just scene-stealing guest verses, and earned a platinum plaque in the process.