Best Songs: "4Ever True," "Mama's Family," "Party Don't Stop," "All Ns"

The Biggest Mama, professionally known as Mia X, was the undisputed queen of No Limit Records. P’s G.I. Jane, if you will. Mia added a female touch to many of the No Limit classics, and more often than not, outshined her contemporaries. But don’t let pretty face and sweet voice fool you: the self-proclaimed “Ghetto Sara Lee” was every bit as ‘bout it as her male counterparts on the Tank.

In the late 90s, female rappers were defined by their looks and sex appeal, but Mia was able to become a force on pure skill alone. She could sing, she could rap, and most importantly, she could hold her own on a track overcrowded with hard heads. For a while, she was the lone female voice on No Limit, and she held P and the tank down loyally from the very beginning.

Her No Limit debut, Good Girl Gone Bad, dropped in ‘95, but it was her sophomore set, Unlady Like, that was her true coming out party. Complete with a big first single featuring the then-red hot Foxy Brown (“Party Don’t Stop”), Mia balanced raw and gritty war stories with radio-ready records like her remake of Salt-N-Pepa’s “I’ll Take Your Man,” which featured the duo.

Unlady Like would later strike gold, leading Mia to high profile gigs like the Five Deadly Venoms’ Sprite campaign. Mia’s been relatively quiet over the past 15 years, but on Unlady Like, Mama Mia played Mother to the No Limit roster, and they all showed up to support. It was a TRU family affair.