Best Songs: "Did What I Had To Do," "What I Gotta," "Money Don't Make Me"

In 1998, the No Limit roster was expanding so rapidly it was nearly impossible to keep up with the label. With the release of every new album came more and more Pen & Pixel covers in the ‘Coming Soon’ section of the album inserts. The label was growing so quickly that P even gave his brother, C-Murder, his own sub-label of No Limit called TRU Records. And C’s first (and only?) signing was an energetic young rapper from New Orleans’ 9th Ward by the name of Magic.

Magic’s album was rushed into production and hit shelves six months after making his rapping debut on C-Murder’s Life or Death. Sky’s The Limit was an immediate hit, so much so, in fact, that P called Mr. Magic up to the big leagues to play for No Limit. TRU Records went bye-bye. Magic quickly became one of the No Limit standouts, appearing on most of the releases through 2003, joining the 504 Boyz, and guesting on a handful of Master P singles. Apparently, talent scouting ran in the Miller family, as C-Murder’s acquisition turned out to be one of the better signings for the label.

Magic would go on to release two more albums for the label, including 1999’s Thuggin (which featured the original version of the 504 Boyz smash “Wobble Wobble”) and White Eyes in 2003. Neither would match the success of his NL debut, Sky’s The Limit, which was released at the height of No Limit’s popularity.

Sadly, on March 1, 2013, Magic, born Awood Johnson, and his wife were killed in a car accident in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.