Best Songs: "Boss Bitch," "Paranoid," "Murda Murda, Kill Kill," "Callin Me"

You never realize what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, and that statement has never been more accurate than when describing the career of Mac. Mac started out as a kiddie rapper in New Orleans, dropping his first project, The Lyrical Midget, in 1990 with production from none other than Mannie Fresh.

In the late 90s, Mac reinvented himself as the Camouflage Assassin and joined P’s burgeoning army. Mac always had memorable guest verses on the label’s various releases, but his low key demeanor hindered him from being one of the more high-profile No Limit artists. His No Limit debut, Shell Shocked, was well received and moved respectable numbers when it dropped in ‘98, but the project aged like fine wine, and has only gotten better with time. 15 years later, it’s clear that Mac was probably the most talented lyricist on the Tank, and lived up to his reputation as the Nas of New Orleans. Shell Shocked is the project that perfectly captures Mac’s talents, but unfortunately it didn’t receive the attention it deserved when it dropped.

In 1999-2000, when most of P’s soldiers went AWOL, Mac stuck around the label and finally began to get the push he’d always deserved. His hooks got better and his verses got bouncier—without sacrificing any of his lyrical prowess. Unfortunately Mac’s career was cut short when he was jailed on murder charges in early 2000. Mac was incarcerated for the release of the three biggest records of his career, the 504 Boyz’ “Wobble, Wobble,” “I Can Tell,” and Silkk’s “He Did That.” Mac is currently serving a 30-to-life sentence in Elayn Hunt Correctional Facility in Louisiana.