Best Songs: "Akickdoe," "Don't Play No Games," "Makin' Moves," "A 2nd Chance"

Many complained that C-Murder was with weak link in the TRU supergroup and the least lyrical of the Miller brothers. Critics constantly took aim at Corey Miller, labeling him as a 2Pac biter and writing his solo career off as pure comedy. Sure, C found himself in the spotlight thanks to his older brother P, but C silenced a few of his naysayers with his debut, Life or Death. Dropping just a month after Silkk’s insanely popular Charge It 2 Da Game, C’s Life or Death was harder and more unapologetic than the work of his younger brother.

Life or Death featured no crossover attempts, as the project was created by and strictly for the streets. C’s brash delivery of crime tales and violence would foreshadow his violent and sad future, but there’s no denying that C and Beats By The Pound were firing on all cylinders at this point in 1998. Even if you didn’t care for Corey’s lyrical abilities, the beats on Life or Death were good enough to make even the staunchest of backpackers tip their hats.

C’s next two releases, Bossalinie and Trapped In Crime, were both solid, and C began to acquire a bit of a cult following—a legion of loyal followers who stuck with his solo work even as No Limit’s commercial appeal began to dwindle in the 2000s.