"Yo, I hit these MCs with the grip of death like I was a Vulcan/
Ain't a lot of "ifs" and "ands", it's just straight talkin'/
It's hard to swallow at times, so take portions/
Bitin' off more than you can chew, create orphans/
MC species endangered like dolphins/
Rappers is spittin' nails into they own coffins/
Hear come the Dundee moves rocket-launchin'/
Black Thought, quit playin him close and back up off him"

In half the standard amount of time, Black Thought was able to make you aware of the contents of his shelf (Grammy: check. Gat: check.), interrogatively suggest that you were more princess than soldier, then proceed to mute any ideas of competition against him ("gotta battle myself."). With an opening line that turned us all synesthetic ("my sound drenches, each of the five senses."), it became clear early on that he only needed to spit a few nails in order to seal the coffins of his rap foes. —Alexander Gleckman