If you don't know by now, DAD is particularly fond of remixes. The art of the remix, where you're putting your own spin on established material, when done correctly, is a magnificent thing. Damn-near life changing. One of the best types of remixes, obviously, is when you flip one particular style of music into another, especially when it's a sound that lends itself to awesome interpretation.

DAD is also fond of the days of jungle... you know, the sound of drum & bass before it was drum & bass. So when we heard that DECiBEL, DJ Cable, and Spooky had been working on transporting jungle tracks into a trap state of mind? We're all into it. Brillz already showed us how well an amen can work in a trap track, but this is going much, much deeper. You've got certified classics from DJ SS, Shy FX, and Jo (among others) being thrown into the 808-heavy sound of now, effortlessly. If you're of the crowd that remembers when these jungle cuts were the talk of the town and needed some familiar turn-up without all of the DAMN SON WHERE'D YOU FIND THIS, Jungle Trap is all yours, free of charge.

Before we get dig into these throwback vibes, DAD wants to shout out DJ Cable, DECiBEL, and Spooky for bridging that gap. Shouts to the family over at Speakerbox for helping put this together, and 'nuff respect to Simon Jones for the perfect artwork. Now get in the Delorean and let's ride!