As Hovagate continues to titillate and outrage the country's Republican leadership who would rather point fingers at rappers going on island vacations rather than, you know, deal with the actual villains of America, it's worth taking a moment to remember recent history.

Reminder: Florida Senator Marco Rubio is angry because Jay-Z and Beyonce went to Cuba, a country that America has a full trade embargo against (which hasn't stopped America from being Cuba's primary supplier of food, but whatever).

Also, a lot of the Floridians who helped elect Marco Rubio are exiles who left Cuba to free themselves from the not-so-Democratic reign of Fidel Castro (and yet, have no problem with our country's trade relationships with other Communist countries where human rights laws are on par with the rules for Calvinball, but again, whatever). 

So of course Marco Rubio needs to get angry! And of course he needs to go after the White House for this! And no, he won't be stopped by the fact that the trip was approved by the Department of Treasury (and not the White House) who didn't even know Beyonce and Jay-Z were going to be on that trip to Cuba. Forget that. Forget the fact that this writer's mother, a retired schoolteacher, has been to Cuba. Jay-Z and Beyonce (and my Mom) are basically Cuban quasi-dictator monsters to Marco Rubio. Actual factuals, if you're Marco Rubio.

Except for that one time last month, when Rubio quoted Jay-Z on the floor of the U.S. Senate, during a filibuster when he called Hov a "modern day poet," and spit a line from "A Week Ago," which is basically about selling crack and watching everyone you know become a snitch after you get successful. Like this:

This is ironic, you see, because only a month ago Rubio was quoting and bestowing poet status on Jay-Z—a rapper who once called himself "Che Guevara with bling on"—and now he's trying to implicate him as evidence of what a communist our President is. Which is funny, because Rubio is only implicating himself as a hypocritical, exploitative politician ever-thirsty for attention.

And for the record, Rubio's office has yet to return a request for comment from But: Snitches, you know?

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