Wyclef Jean is about to release a new project called April Showers at the end of the month. Today, he released a new track called "Bang Bang Bang." After calling himself the "Hip-Hop Guitarist" on his rendition of Jay-Z's "Open Letter," Wyclef once again goes to his instrument of choice, offering a very mellow acoustic sound. The former Fugee sings of peace and love on this track, which is apparently inspired by a recent visit to Chicago, as he goes as far as to shout out Chief Keef by saying "everybody loves Sosa" in the beginning.

According to Wyclef, he will be shooting a video for this song and perhaps some others off the tape in Chicago. No word on whether or not he has reached out to Keef to make a cameo appearance.

Listen: Wyclef Jean "Bang Bang Bang"

[via HHNM]

UPDATE: Apparently, GBE's Fredo Santana has made his way down to Wyclef's video shoot on the south side of Chicago. Santana seems to be having a good time as he is seen on twitter taking some impromptu guitar lessons from Wyclef. That is certainly a curious design for a guitar, considering the peaceful vibe of the song they are supposed to be shooting a video for.

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