Equipped with kingpin puns that would make Pusha T proud ("you already snow it"), Troy Ave remixes the deal-breaking, ever controversial "U.O.E.N.O." The New Yorker also known as "Harry Powder" will be performing at this year's Hot 97 Summer Jam, according to the lyrics, and sorry but "you ain't even going." He's putting on for his city so thoroughly that his new album will actually be called New York City. 

The hottest line award for this song, after much deliberation, goes to (drum roll please): "The boulevard of broken dreams is where we stay, with more heavy metal than Green Day." The fact that few people would classify Green Day in the "heavy metal" genre only makes the line more compelling.

After killing the track, Troy goes on to talk his sh*t for a little while, most notably by drawing an analogy between his authenticity and Chinese food: "You don't go to the Chinese restaurant, and order a burger with a milkshake." No, you wouldn't. Listen below.