Last week, Jay-Z and Beyonce took a trip to Havana to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary and try out some salsa moves. It seemed like a romantic getaway until Republican members of Congress started questioning the validity of their trip, deeming it "tourism." 

Reuters reported that U.S. Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart—who both hail from Florida—sent a letter to the Office of Foreign Assets Control for the U.S. Treasury Department asking for, "information regarding the type of license that Beyoncé and Jay-Z received, for what purpose, and who approved such travel." A travel license is a requirement to travel to Cuba under a U.S. trade embargo against the country. 

This morning, during a press conference, President Obama's Press Secretary Jay Carney actually had to field questions about Hov and Bey's trip.  

And he wasn't the only one.

However, Reuters got to the bottom of the story to show that the trip was in fact legal.

So umm...friends in high places? Shit, Jigga didn't help Obama win Ohio for nothing now did he? Besides, he's got five passports, he's never going to jail.