We already told you we were watching Toronto's 15-year old Maxum. With his latest release, his case for artist to watch is only bolstered. Remixing American indie rock band Imagine Dragons, Maxum takes their track "It's Time" and turns into an arena-ready anthem. Maxum first heard the band's single "Radioactive" on a commercial on Much Music and while he loved that song, when he found "It's Time," he knew that it was "getting a Maxum touch."

Only having the original vocal acapella (albeit some powerful rock vocals), Maxum started by playing some guitar melodies around the original harmony and then developed his own lead and ultimately re-recorded it and added his own flair to complete this mainstage bomb. The track successfully combines rock and house in a way many have tried and most have failed.  The remix fits along other mainstage, peak-time vocal anthems and we're hoping this one gets the deserved shine.