Every No. 1 Rap Song in Hot 100 History

P.M. Dawn "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" (1991)

Weeks At No. 1: 1
Producer: P.M. Dawn

Most rap fans today hear the name P.M. Dawn and think, "You mean the guy KRS-One threw off the stage?" In reality, P.M. Dawn was actually a duo of Prince Be and DJ Minutemix. They might have been softer than the hemp T-shirts worn by hippies, but why should that matter when they scored one of rap's first No. 1 hits? "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" doesn't sound like the typical rap record of its era, but it did blend Eric B. & Rakim's "Paid In Full" beat and incorporate a sample of Spandau Ballet's "True," something that might not have been seen possible just a few years before.

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