Year: 2006
Original Label: G-Unit
New Label: Geffen to DCG/Interscope

Why They Left: Prior to the release of The Documentary, tensions were bubbling in the G-Unit camp when 50 Cent and The Game got into a shoving match. But the two were able to peace it out and keep moving. However, after Game's Documentary became a huge hit and Game refused to ride with 50 in his beefs with Jadakiss and Fat Joe the relationship fell apart. Things came to a climax when 50 Cent appeared on Hot 97 to announce Game had gotten kicked out of G-Unit and Game showed up outside with his boys outside. A shooting took place that left one man down. Although 50 and Game publicly reconciled, Game continued to diss G-Unit and clearly needed a change of scenery.

Career After They Left: Game eventually ended up on Geffen and released The Doctor's Advocate, which didn't sell as well as his debut but was still well regarded and proved Game could make a great album with no help from 50 Cent. Game continued to regularly diss G-Unit, but eventually declared the beef was dead...and then dissed them again...and then said he wanted to get back together...and then...well you get the idea. Hurricane Game went on to release three more albums and has talked about possibly signing with Cash Money in the near future.