Brianna Perry: "Symphony No. 9 was a ton of fun. I did what I always do, though; I got in the studio, banged out a ton of great records, lined up all the records, and chose which ones I wanted on the project. I got to work with some incredibly talented artists lik Teyana Taylor, Future, Trey Songz, French Montana, Trina, Ray J, and Pusha-T. I have a lot of interesting features on this new project and you just get to see me, maturity, growth, and just where I'm at right now in my life. I'm having fun and I think this particular project will let people know that I'm here and I'm ready. Great follow up from Face Off.

"I think at the core, I'm pretty much the same. It's the same views and the same opinions and the same outlook just in a 21-year-old body, but the core is the same. The passion has only grown more and I just have a better understanding of the actual game on the creative side and on the business side. I think I'm so blessed and happy that I started so young because I've been able to learn so much along the way, so the difference would be the passion has increased."