Brianna Perry: "I would be at the studio, and one of the producers would come in, play the beats, and they would vibe to the beat, and then they would go in the booth. I would be so fascinated with this stuff because I was looking at them like, 'This is so easy. You just hear the beat and then you say whatever you want to say on it?'

"The first two mixtape songs that I did were for other people, and I remember when I laid that. I had such an awesome time. I think the engineers and my uncles were probably getting a little aggravated with me, I had to record it so many times and they wanted it to be right. [Laughs.] It was my first time getting in the booth and there were so many people there to watch me. That's one of my fondest memories, just finally getting that acceptance and that green light to go ahead and do what I wanted to do. That's definitely one of my best memories.

"I wasn't nervous, I was more like, 'Let me show you. I told you I could do this,' and when it was done it was like, 'See, told you I could do it.' I've always had that 'let me show you' type of attitude. I wasn't nervous at all."