Alexander Spit: “I was getting stagnant in San Francisco. I was becoming one of those acts in a city where it’s like this is that local act that plays every week, opening for different acts. I got to the point where I’d hit up the fans and homies like come through to my show and they’d be like, ‘We’ll catch you next week and the week after that probably.’ I was just like, ‘Damn what’s the next step?’

“My homie Brick was like, ‘If you want to do this music shit, you got to move to L.A. That’s where the industry is popping and moves are made. I got a place for you to live too.’ I talked to The Hundreds and they were like, ‘We can have you work at the L.A. shop if you move down here.’ All of the pieces were pointed at me moving to LA. It was a lot for me.

“After Open 24 Hours I put out Until Next Summer through The Hundreds again. That album was kind of a pivot for me because in San Francisco I was used to a grimey dark sort of lifestyle. When I moved to L.A. it was sunny every day and the girls were actually good looking. It was a bunch of grimey Bohemians wandering around, not that I’m against any of that but it was a breath of fresh air.

“People started paying attention. More people started hating but more eyes were on what I was doing. Being in L.A., you’re surrounded by people that are getting famous. For me it was a humbling thing to see and kind of scary. All this hometown love shit is tight but then you start realizing that all of the love I’m getting is from people that are obligated to show love—they’re all homies and shit.”