Alexander Spit: “Growing up in Los Angeles, I listened to stuff on the radio and bought a couple cassettes. I remember going to Tower Records and buying Bone Thugs’ E. 1999 Eternal and Green Day’s Dookie. We didn’t really have that much money but if we bought music we listened to that for like four months straight on repeat.

“My first year living in Marin County, there was this one kid in my class named Kelsey Rivera—he’s one of my best friends to this day—and he was dipped out in Wu Wear, head to toe. During class the teacher would be like, ‘What is it called when an artist does this craft in Mesopotamia?’ He’d be like, ‘Tiger style.’ Every time he said a joke he was laughing his ass off, I didn’t really know what he was talking about but I knew it had to do with Wu-Tang.

“So I went to Tower Records and got 36 Chambers. At that time I didn’t really have no friends, so I went home and studied that album front to back. After a few weeks, I went up to Kelsey Rivera like, ‘Yo, you like Wu-Tang too?’ trying to fake it like I been down with Wu-Tang since the beginning. There was just a mutual bond from there and we became homies.”