Last night, at the end of Kanye West's radio rant on Hot 97, he mentioned that he gave Sway his first TV. Shortly after, Sway tweeted, saying that this was in fact true and that he still had the TV, and joked about never receiving the remote. And this morning, Sway announced that he would bring it on to today's episode of RapFix Live. And Sway, being a man of his word, did just that.

Watch above, and meet Sharpeezie, Kanye West's old Sharp 36" TV that became Sway's first TV, and as Sway puts it, "the only television set to trend worldwide." In addition to the introduction, Sway also tells the story of how the TV exchanged hands during a visit to Kanye's crib in Newark back in 2001.

You gotta love how Sway sits the TV down on the couch as if it was an actual human guest. Amazing.

[via RapRadar]