Last week, Jared Evan released his collaborative album with producer Statik Seletktah titled, Boom Bap & Blues. Today, the singer appears in a video for one of the album's standout tracks, "Black & White." The Rik Cordero-helmed visual shows Evan driving to a gas station, being pursued by a scorned lover. It appears by the end of the video, the woman seems to have secured her revenge when the car bursts into flames. Meanwhile, the entire video is shot in black and white, with the exception of this one blue rose that appears at the beginning and end. The video fades out with a sign saying "To Be Continued," leaving one to speculate how the storyline will unfold from here.

Meanwhile, midway through the video Joey Bada$$ makes a cameo to deliver his verse. The young spitter comes correct on the track, sounding perfect over Statik's instrumental as he has continued to do throughout his career thus far.

[via NahRight]