In a recent interview with the Rise and Grind Show on Power 99, French Montana had the opportunity to speak on Uncle Luke wanting money from French's popular single, "Pop That," which sampled his group 2 Live Crew's "I Wanna Rock." The Bronx rapper's response to the demand is that Luke does not own the rights to the song. Ultimately, the actual owner of the song's rights received the check.

French also spoke on the situation with Lil Poopy, whose father is currently under investigation for child abuse. When asked directly if Lil Poopy was signed to his Coke Boyz imprint, French replied, "Hell No. You know I'm not gonna put nobody that's nine years old on Coke Boyz." He further explained his relationship with the boy, claiming that Lil Poopy was just a kid that hung around the crew and would be playing while they were at shows. According to French, he wasn't "telling him to go into that booth."

So far, no response from either Poopy or his father.

[via HipHop-N-More]