Tyler, The Creator is certainly not your average rap star, and he proved this once again today by releasing the footage from a "Key to the City" ceremony he staged a couple weeks back in Boulder, Colorado. Odd Future crew member Taco posted a head-scratching pic of the ceremony to Instagram earlier this month, and now that the footage has been released, it all makes sense. 

In the video, Tyler gets escorted into downtown Boulder by cars bearing an Odd Future crest, and is greeted by a marching band, and a medium-sized bunch of fans. He then steps to the podium, where he is award a fake "Key to the City" for what the speaker describes as his "artistic vision and unique ability to speak for and inspire a generation." The speaker also plays along with Tyler's shtick that he grew up in Boulder, and thanks him for his help at the local rec center and countless hours picking up trash.

It's a hilarious bit, and one that Boulder residents happily embraced, which may be one of the reasons why Tyler recently tweeted that the city is in his top two favorite places to perform. Watch the video above, and see Tyler's tweet and Taco's pic below.

[via SPIN]