21. Whitney Houston "I'm Every Woman" (1992)

Director: Randee St. Nicholas
Album: The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album

Real talk, you're not soft if you wanna shed a tear while you watch this video, b. This video is just, like, Whitney Houston at her happiest and most beautiful and it really strikes a chord, especially after her passing. This is the type of video you remember your mom being excited about while you were playing with Power Rangers. We know how important Whitney sitting on that chair, belting out "I Will Always Love You" is, but outside of that moment, that video's like watching The Bodyguard. Watch "I'm Every Woman" and try to say it's not better. You had singer of the original, Chaka Khan, writer of the original, Valerie Simpson, and emerging stars, TLC, all in the video flexing. Tons of girls are dancing in every shot. The whole thing's just crazy. Whitney's Grammy-winning cover is truly timeless, and the video has a lot to do with it. Ernest Baker